Bachelor of Science -Physics

Program Description

The Bachelor of Science degree in Physics is a professionally oriented program that serves as preparation either for graduate work in physics or for entrance into positions in a variety of industries or government service. The Physics major comprises the following concentrations:

  • The Applied Physics concentration prepares students for immediate entry into careers in industry. Course requirements include electronics, introduction to computer programming, and data analysis and computational physics techniques. While rooted in the basic principles of physics, this program is optimized for students concerned with the application of physics in practical devices and systems.
  • The Biological Sciences concentration is interdisciplinary and for students with a strong interest in both physics and biology, who may wish to prepare for graduate study in biophysics or for work in a biotechnology company.
  • The Chemistry concentration is interdisciplinary and designed for students with a strong interest in both physics and chemistry, who may wish to prepare for graduate study in chemical physics or for work in a high-technology materials-related research and development laboratory.
  • The Computer Science concentration is interdisciplinary and provides a foundation in physics while emphasizing the use of computer software in scientific applications. Graduates are prepared for computer-related careers that require an understanding of the underlying science as well as knowledge of relevant computer applications.
  • The Entrepreneurship concentration is interdisciplinary and designed to prepare physics majors for various aspects of starting or managing a scientific business.
  • The Mathematical Physics concentration is interdisciplinary and provides students with a strong understanding of applied physical theory, its applications and the underlying mathematics. This training, valuable for start-up positions with a number of industries, may also serve as preparation for graduate work in either physics or mathematics.
  • The Pre-Medicine/Pre-Osteopathy/Pre-Podiatry concentration is interdisciplinary and designed to prepare physics majors for further study leading to careers in medicine.
  • The Research concentration prepares majors for further study at the graduate level. This program trains students in logical thinking and problem solving using both analytical and computational methods. It also furnishes students with a comprehensive understanding of the basic laws and principles that govern the physical world. Academic assessment and GRE scores keep the program up-to-date via curricular revisions. This program is a popular stepping stone to graduate degrees not only in physics, but also in engineering, astronomy/astrophysics and materials science.

Admission Requirements

  • Applicants should meet the minimum requirement of GPA 2.5 on a U.S. 4.0 scale in Higher secondary school.

IELTS Requirements

Listening Reading Writing Speaking Overall
6 6 6 6 6


  • Total 120 Credits program(Yearly tuition fee is given)
  • I20(Visa Letter) can be obtained only after submitting a bank statement with a balance of USD $42,860
  • Official documents required

Course Features
  • Country United States of America
  • City Kent
  • State Ohio
  • Course Duration 4 Years
  • Application fee 70 USD
  • Tuition fees yearly 21,570 USD
  • Cost of Living per year 21,281 USD
  • Starting dates Fall & Spring
  • IELTS (Total) 6
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